Practical Summary:

  • Online sales (excluding restaurants / gas) will represent over 25% of total US retail sales in 2020 versus 16% in 2019
  • Some of the early winners were the established eCommerce brands, notably Amazon, Walmart, Target and eBay
  • More recently, a next…

A Practical Summary

  • For wealthy Americans who are in the top income quartile, and who own significant financial assets, the recession is effectively over: incomes, employment…

A Practical Summary:

  • These companies have generally traded at 5-8x enterprise value / trailing revenues (“EV / LTM”) since 2013…


· The enterprise value of a SaaS company at IPO can be predicted almost entirely with just two metrics: 1) the annual recurring revenue in the most recent quarter, and 2) the yoy growth rate of that ARR from the year-ago period

· The relationship between revenue growth and…

  • That group is now trading above where they were in February,when the broader markets peaked and started their freefall. “Work from home” stocks (like Zoom…

Aman Verjee

Former C-suite at PayPal, Sonos, eBay. Now general partner & founder at Practical VC, a secondary venture capital fund.

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