History of Public SaaS Valuations | PVC SaaS Index

  • Practical Venture Capital has developed a new proprietary index of publicly traded SaaS companies: the PVC SaaS Index™
  • This index tracks the EV / LTM multiple of a basket of 80 SaaS companies in five different verticals
  • This multiple has generally been in a range of 5-8x since 2013, with a brief period below (the “SaaS Crash of 2016") and a recent run above
  • SaaS multiples dipped to 7.4x at the end of Q1 2020, but rebounded to a new all-time high of 8.7x at



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Aman Verjee

Aman Verjee


Former C-suite at PayPal, Sonos, eBay. Now general partner & founder at Practical VC, a secondary venture capital fund.